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Carpenter Ants

Strike Deep and Destroy the Enemy Within!

Posted on July 27th, 2017

With the Spring season comes warm, sunny weather and the threat of pests wreaking havoc to the home.    High on my hit list are Carpenter ants as there can be no tolerance for these wood-destroying insects!   These giants among ants have powerful mandibles that they not only use to subdue and capture their prey, but to hollow out wood to create new galleries for their ever-growing colony.  Unfortunately, that wood is the structural timber of your home!   

Signs of these invaders?   Frass, which looks like sawdust, but includes additional insect body parts.  Carpenter ants can be seen marching to find food for their growing ant colonies.   Typically, the parent colonies expand their territory by creating satellite colonies often in homes.  Unlike termites, Carpenter ants do not consume the wood, and instead, cause damage as seen in chewed out, hollowed-out sections of the wood—all clues to their nesting location!     Certain parts of a house are particularly vulnerable to moisture and more likely infested by Carpenter ants as they pests seek damp wood for their primary residence.   

Their activity leaves a path of destruction in structural timbers, door jambs and window frames; roof eaves, decks and porches.    So, what to look for?   Carpenter ants can be seen trailing in the kitchen, or along the foundation in and around the house.   

Treatment?  A multi-faceted approach to strike deep in the heart of this enemy within.  This includes wall void treatments, perimeter treatments, baiting cracks and crevices and timely follow ups to rid the homeowner of these pests.   NuTech Pest Control, recommends spraying the outside perimeter with a non-repellent insecticide called Termidor, applied deep into cracks and crevices and safe for family members and their pets.    

At the first sign of Carpenter ants, contact Mel Rich, owner of NuTech Pest Control for a complimentary consultation and schedule of service at 203-554-1762 or [email protected].  To learn more about these and other annoying insects and pests, visit  

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