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identifying the pest is the first step.

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My Approach

    • Quickly respond to calls, texts and emails related to your pest problem. A 911 for pests, if you will.

    • I put my pest scene investigator hat on and begin the investigation. This to identify the pests and determine the best course of action.

  • This will be done with safety first in mind. Why are they here? Conducive conditions must be identified.
NuTech Pest Control | Connecticut | Services


There are several species of ants here in southwestern CT that are very prevalent. The carpenter ant is a wood-destroying ant. It does not eat wood but will create galleries for the colonies demand for more space.

NuTech Pest Control | Connecticut | Services


Roaches have been on the planet for over 350 million years and they’re not going down without a fight. To kill the roach one must know the roach. And know the roach I do.

NuTech Pest Control | Connecticut | Services

Termite Reports

When buying a home you needs your WDI report. In addition to supplying you with the report, I offer photo and video documentation to enhance the report.

NuTech Pest Control | Connecticut | Services

Rodent remedial treatments and prevention

A thorough inspection with a detailed report is key in being successful.
Documenting details allows the homeowner to have physical evidence of these issues. This documentation can be used to consult with a contractor who is doing these suggested repairs.

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