"A quick Response to all of your pest problems. I will offer you a no cost, no obligation inspection to determine the pest species and the severity of the problem and a plan of action to eliminate them."

Service to Residential and Commercial Customers

  1. Inspection

    This first step in a successful service program is a thorough inspection. This is to determine which invading pest(s) are present and what conditions exist that have attracted them.

  2. Routine Service and Treatment

    Treatment options are determined with safety first in mind.
    Nu Tech's comprehensive approach includes judicious use of products such as baits, dust formulations, growth regulators and insecticides.

  3. Prevention

    Excluding pests is one of the non chemical means of pest prevention.
    This includes sealing areas around utility pipes, patching cracks in foundations and using silicone to seal cracks where pest can potentially enter. Being
    proactive can prevent pest problems from occurring in the first place!